Some of CSHP’s Achievements 

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This bill adds pharmacists as providers who can administer telehealth services and modifies and clarifies patient consent procedures.


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The Connecticut General Assembly ended their legislative session on June 5th and CSHP was monitoring numerous bills throughout the session.

Throughout the session, CSHP continued to monitor bills to be raised and discussed through a bill monitoring program, with weekly reports from our lobbyist, Fred Knous.  Due to the very large volume of bills raised, we screen the bills that may affect our profession and follow those closely.

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Telepharmacy Legislation Passes
Public Act 12-28: An Act Concerning the Use of Telepharmacy by Hospitals, was passed unanimously by both the Connecticut Legislature and signed into law by Governor Malloy on May 14, 2012. The Act permits all Connecticut hospitals to use telepharmacy in the dispensing of sterile products.

Passed: SB 371 An Act Concerning the Administration of Injectable Vaccines to Adults in Pharmacies - Expands of immunization authority to all adult vaccines


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Total Success for CSHP
Passed: HB 5290: An Act Concerning the Administration of Vaccines By Licensed Pharmacists
Expands of immunization authority to all vaccines from the current flu, pneumococcal and herpes zoster

Passed: RB 262: An Act Concerning Collaborative Drug Therapy Management Agreements
Expands collaborative practice authority to all practice settings and disease states.
Perseverance Pays! Our efforts in favor of CDTM began in 1994

Defeated: RB 5307: An Act Concerning the Filling of Prescriptions for Antiepileptic Drugs
This legislation would have prohibited substitution of antiepileptic medications

Defeated: HB 5212: An Act Concerning Insurance Coverage of Bleeding Disorders
This legislation would have prohibited substitution of drugs for bleeding disorders