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University of Connecticut (UCONN) School of Pharmacy

University of St. Joseph School of Pharmacy

Sacred Heart University Healthcare Information Systems (HIS)
Master of Science graduate program

AJHP Abstracts

Users of the Kindle wireless reading device, from Inc., can automatically download abstracts of AJHP articles as they become available.

ASHP Store for print, e-books, e-learning and other professional development products


American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)

ASHP is the parent association of CSHP.  For the latest news and information regarding the practice of hospital and health-system pharmacy, visit ASHP's website at

American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP)

For information and resources regarding the clinical practice of pharmacy, visit ACCP's website at

American Red Cross Blood Services 860-678-2700


Council of Credentialing in Pharmacy (CCP)

For information on pharmacist credentialing or the CCP Pharmacy Technician Credentialing Framework, visit CCP's website at

CT Hospital Association  203-265-7611

Department of Consumer Protection (DCP)

For information on regulated CT industries, including the Drug Control Division, visit DCP's website at

Dept. of Mental Health & Addicition Services 860-418-7000

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

For the latest information on medications including drug recalls or to connect to MedWatch to report any adverse events, visit FDA's website at

FDA website with all of their proposed rules and guidance documents on Compounding:

FDA Postmarketing Drug Safety Evaluations - FDA website, updated quarterly, for health care professionals and consumers that summarizes safety information about recently approved drugs and biological products.

New England Organ Bank 800-446-6362

Pharmacy Commission

For information on the regulation of the practice pharmacy in CT, visit the Commission's webpage at

State of Connecticut General Assembly (CGA)

For current legislative information in the state of CT, visit CGA's website at

CT Congressional Districts by Town


Map, Districts, Representatives with contact information

State Representatives and Senators

A resource to locate and contact your local CT representatives, visit


Google Search Feature When users search on a prescription or generic drug (e.g., "Lipitor" or "acetaminophen") a summary and description will appear at the top of search results. The summary links to National Institutes of Health (NIH) content and more specific information such as "side effects." The National Institutes of Health in turn license this data from The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.