Who are CSHP Members?

CSHP is its members - pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, educators , pharmacists in training and our industry partners from all over the state of Connecticut. We work in a variety of environments including hospitals, long-term care facilities, community pharmacies, and the pharmaceutical industry. Some of us work from home offices, and some of us are retired. We welcome any and all new members who are interested in advocating for the practice of pharmacy.

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Kudos and Milestones

CSHP is an association of individual members. We invite you to send us your information so that we can celebrate your accomplishments and milestones.

Let us know about your professional accomplishments. Have you been promoted, completed a certification or degree program, started a new job, received an award, won a grant, made a presentation for colleagues? Let us know about your personal milestones and celebrations. Have you gotten married, celebrated the birth of a child or a special anniversary, participated or led a volunteer activity in your community or abroad?
Annually, CSHP accepts nominations for the following prestigious awards:
  • Meritorious Achievement Award - Awarded to a CSHP member who made significant contributions to enhance
    patient care, an original contribution to pharmacy administration, or expanded the role/impact of CSHP.
  • Paul G. Pierpaoli Award - Awarded to a CSHP member who made significant long term contributions to the practice
    of pharmacy.
  • Pharmacist of the Year - Awarded to a CSHP member who best exemplifies service to the profession and community.
In addition, we present an award to a UConn student.

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Agnes Zajac, PharmD, and Nick Tessier, PharmD, MBA, BCPS presented the awards at the 2018 Annual Catch the Wave Conference.

Michael Culligan Wins 2018 Paul G. Pierpaoli Award


Michael Culligan, honored at the Catch the Wave Awards Luncheon, is the 2018 Paul G. Pierpaoli Award recipient. The Paul G. Pierpaoli Award is given annually to a CSHP member of the highest integrity who best exemplifies the profession of pharmacy through the development of high standards and significant long-term contributions to pharmacy practice in Connecticut.

Mike is a 1993 graduate of UConn and has worked as a clinical pharmacist in several states before returning to CT. He has been the Director of Pharmacy at St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center since 2000.


Mike has always been a champion of patient safety and helped to implement several key safety initiatives including CPOE, bedside barcode administration, smart-pump technology, automated dispensing, and IV automation. Thanks to Mike’s leadership, his organization has been able to be an early adopter of these technologies.


Mike has been an active contributor and leader on many of hospital committees with a focus of enhancing quality of patient care (P&T Committee, VTE management, Opioid stewardship). He has assisted in the expansion of Clinical Pharmacy services into the Emergency room, Operating rooms, ambulatory care, and to include antimicrobial stewardship. He also serves as a preceptor for the PGY1 Pharmacy Management/Leadership rotation.


It’s Mike’s passion for patient safety that has guided his significant contributions to pharmacy practice and development of high standards that helped elevate our pharmacy practice in CT.

William "Billy" Nolan Honored as 2018 Pharmacist of the Year
The Pharmacist of the Year Award is given annually to a CSHP member of the highest integrity who best exemplifies the profession of pharmacy through their cooperation with the entire health care team, service to the profession of pharmacy and service to the community.
Lori Lee Accepts the 2018 Meritorious Team Achievement Award on Behalf of YNHH
The CSHP Meritorious Team Achievement Award is given annually to a team of pharmacy professionals (with an active CSHP member) who has contributed to the enhancement of patient care by 1) initiating an innovative pharmacy service or 2) helping people achieve optimal health outcomes.

Sagune Sakya, PharmD, has been named the 2018
CSHP-UConn Student Award winner.

Sarah McLarty, PharmD, has been named the 2018
CSHP-USJ Student Award winner.

Congratulations and thank you for all of your contributions and achievements.