The Value of Membership
CSHP focuses on professional development for those in the practice of pharmacy and actively advocates to create a positive and productive practice environment that will result in excellent service for both our health care colleagues and our patients. We represent the interests of  CT pharmacists, educators, pharmacy technicians and pharmacists in training. In particular, we focus on the concerns and needs of those who work in (but not limited to) medical facilities such as hospitals and health centers.

Why join CSHP?
We are your source for professional development opportunities. As a member, you are eligible to attend single evening CEs at no cost; Catch the Wave, the TriState Summit and other conferences we present at discounted rates; receive News Briefs; You will gain leadership experience by participating in committee, program and advocacy initiatives that affect your ability to practice. You are eligible to be nominated for one of CSHP's prestigious annual awards and may enhance you resume by contributing to our News Brief and web site, speaking, or presenting a poster. We encourage our members to actively engage in CSHP's initiatives and invite them to become part of the CSHP leadership. We encourage you to network with colleagues from other facilities and perhaps meet your future employer.

Most important, you will become part of the health system pharmacists community and the organization that works for you! That’s a lot of value for a very modest investment.